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Current Lab Members


Dr. Brad Christoffersen

Associate Professor, School of Integrative Biological and Chemical Sciences
Phone: 956-665-2468
Office: ESCNE 1.340
Lab: 1.412
MS Student

Lance Santos

Research: Root and soil texture effects on drought performance of woody seedlings
MS Student

Fabrizio Pilco

Research: Soil moisture dynamics in cover cropping systems
MS Student

Catarina Miranda

Research: Mechanisms of seedling recruitment and survival in primary and secondary forests
Undergraduate Student

Selma Mendez

Undergraduate Student

Haley Olvera


Former Lab Members

Graduate Students
MS in Biology - 2023

Manish Gautam

Thesis: Soil moisture dynamics in cover cropping systems: From local to global scales

current: PhD student in Entomology, University of Arkansas
MS in Biology - 2022
co-advised by Alejandro Fierro

Douglas Mainhart

Thesis: Influence of pretreatments on physiological status and post-planting survival of thornforest seedlings in a restoration context

current: Ecological Restoration Specialist at Archewild
MS in AESS - 2022

Zarek Contreras
Thesis: Quantifying and predicting drought performance in woody semi-arid seedlings in south Texas: implications for enhancing drought resilience in restoration

current: Vegetation Specialist, Welby Solutions LLC
MS in Biology - 2021

Clif Albrecht
Thesis: W
inners and losers in reforestation efforts in the lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas, and the predictive power of xylem anatomy on long-term growth and survival

current: PhD student Stephen F. Austin
MS in Biology - 2020

Mylen Arias
Thesis: Discerning competitive vs. facilitative relationships of weeds on forest restoration efforts at La Sal del Rey, TX

current: 8th grade Science teacher, IDEA college prep Edinburg
Undergraduate Students and High School Students
Undergraduate student - 2021

Samantha Martin

seedling phenological responses to drought

current: UTRGV MS student, AESS program
Maryam Khalil.png
High School student - 2020
UTRGV High Scholars Program

Maryam Khalil

Quantitative xylem anatomy of native woody plants
High School student - 2020
UTRGV High Scholars Program

Daniela Garcia

Quantitative xylem anatomy of native woody plants
Undergraduate student - 2019

Stephany Mendez

weeds and community diversity in reforestation settings
Undergraduate student - 2018-2019

Kayla de Leon

xylem hydraulic conductivity of native seedlings
Undergraduate student - 2018-2019

Krys Salazar

nurse plants and seedling germination in reforestation settings
Undergraduate student - 2018-2019

John Cortinas

native plant care

Current: Research Assistant, Boston Children's Hospital
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